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Heat Exchanger for Exhaust Heat Recovery (T-COIL)

We continue to provide sustainable heat recovery with a lot of know-how that we have gained since we launched T-COIL in 1977.

What is T-COIL

T-COIL is an air-to air Heat pipe heat exchanger for exhaust heat recovery.
The Heat Pipes transfer efficiently only heat from exhaust(high temp)air side to supply (low temp)air side. The supply air is heated well.

What is Heat Pipe?(Function of a heat carrier)

Heat Pipe is a thermal conductive element that can transfer heat efficiently.
Fluid is enclosed in an airtight container.Once one side of heat pipe is keeping heated,
The fluid continuosly repeats evaporation and condensation,
and the heat can be transferred from the one side to the other side efficiently.

Operation principle

We provide sustainable heat recovery

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